Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic process that allows access to the conscious and the subconscious at the same time. Past Life Regression can bring more information and clarity to what we are currently experiencing in this life, the reasons why we have certain struggles, patterns, and connections. As part of the process you may have opportunities to uncover and break or renegotiate soul contracts, consult with your guides, learn your purpose in this life, and engage in soul retrieval where you can bring in pieces of your true self that you may be missing access to.
In my experiences with past life regression I have experienced profound activations. My first PLR session was part of the process of discovering my true purpose and calling which has definitely made life more magical! My most recent experience led to an intense solar plexus activation.

There are a few different options on what to focus on with this technique

Therapeutic Past Life Regression

work on a specific issue that is coming up or recurring in your life (anxiety, relationship patterns, blockages, chronic health issues)

Life Between Lives

consult with your guides on a list of questions more related to your purpose here

Future Life Progression

see how your callings/issues/evolution are playing out in your future/future lives, bring back realizations/attributes from your future self & dissolve patterns/limiting beliefs that have developed so far in this life.

What happens during a past life regression session?

Past Life Regression sessions can be done in person or online. We will start with a dialogue about your motivation for the session and any issues you would like to resolve. Once we have explored and clarified your intention, the session will proceed like a guided visualization meditation. Sessions last 1-2hrs

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