Welcome to Spirit Awakening

My goal is to open you up to the magic and joy of a life where we are guided by spirit, provided for through abundance, and able to walk our true paths and manifest our desired realities. Where struggles turn to lessons and the burdens of trauma are released.
I spent twenty years of my life struggling with intense anxiety. At 35 I completely burnt myself out achieving material success and ended up in a state very similar to severe depression, it was my personal bottom and a trigger for healing and finding my way back to my true path and purpose in this life.
Past Life Regression helped illuminate my path forward. Immersions with teacher plants and Kambo have helped free me from recurring patterns and taken me through a series of activations where struggles turn to lessons and more clarity comes through with every lesson learned.
My purpose is to share these modalities with you, in hopes that through healing we can evolve humanity together.


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